Welcome to Team Guardians!

Team Guardians X HOLY Energy

Wir freuen uns sehr, heute HOLY Energy als neuen Partner von TEAMGUARDIANS vorstellen zu können.

HOLY ist ein neuer Gaming Booster der Schluss macht mit allen Chemiekeulen und selbst ohne Taurin und Zucker den absolut geilsten Geschmack mit 100% natürlichen Fruchtaromen kombiniert.

Wir bei TEAMGUARDIANS feiern HOLY schon so übermäßig und hoffen euch mit unserem 10% Rabattcode „GUARDAX10“ auch auf den Geschmack bringen zu können!!

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We are happy to announce HOLY Energy as our new partner for TEAMGUARDIANS!

HOLY is a new gaming booster which says no to chemicals. Combining 100% natural druitflavor with 0 taurine and 0 sugar they create the best tasting booster on the market.

We at TEAMGUARDIANS are already convinced of the flavor and usefullness of HOLY and we hope that with our 10% discount code „GUARDAX10“ we can also get you to try it!

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New CoD CW SnD Team

Wir freuen uns, unser neues CoD CW SnD (Search and Destroy) Team bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen!
Wir wünschen ihnen viel Spaß und Erfolg bei TEAMGUARDIANS.

We are happy announce, that we now have a Search and Destroy (SnD) Call of Duty Team! It’s our first Team in the SnD area and we wish them a lot of luck und fun!


Happy New Year 2021

TEAMGUARDIANS wünscht allen Mitgliedern und Spielern ein frohes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr 2021!!

TEAMGUARDIANS wishes all members and players a happy and successfull new year 2021!!


Now playing: DeSBL Minor League

Unser Rainbow 6 Siege Main Team steigt nächste Sainson in die Minor League der DeSBL auf!! Wir freuen uns auf eine spannende Saison und wünschen dem Team viel Spaß!

Our Rainbow 6 Siege Main Team moved up to the Minor League of the DeSBL!! We wish the players good luck for the upcoming season.


New CoD Cold War Main Team

Wir freuen uns, unser Playstation CoD Cold War Main Team unter der Leitung von René „fliqR“ A. bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen. Wir wünschen dem Team viel Glück und Spaß bei TEAMGUARDIANS.

We are happy to welcome our playstation CoD Cold War Main Team with team-captain René „fliqR“A. We wish the team a lot of luck and fun at TEAMGUARDIANS


We present: The VALORANT Team Psi Ψ

Wir freuen uns, ein neues Valorant Team bei TEAMGUARDIANS begrüßen zu dürfen. Das „Team Psi Ψ“ wird von Norbert „c4ppucc1n0“ R. geleitet und wir wünschen den Spielern viel Spaß und Glück!

We are happy to welcome our new Valorant Team „Psi Ψ“ at TEAMGUARDIANS! The team is lead by Norbert „c4ppucc1n0“ R. and we wish them a lot of fun and good luck.


Team @guardaxcs Alpha finished 1st half of regular season @FireLeagueDE with 7-2 victory against "AnnouncedSoonR6". Now it is 1 week break and then we are looking to secure our 1st place in group. GL

To make it clear:
1. Trippen staying on team as sub
2. Amster (aka Hugeman) and Nyon taking shorter or longer break from competitive but staying around GRDX as our friends so maybe sometimes can see these guys in some cup or as emergency sub
3. GRDX looking for Nordic player

Because of @R6esports poor info about next T3 quals, Team @guardaxcs Alpha changing line-up even that current roster was together less than 2 months.
Already welcome @leroyhupkens and @PppandaR6, but @b0urne_ is back while we are LFP.
Thank you @tRiPPeN_1, @mischa907, @Nyon_R6 🧡

Heading into the fourth week, we proudly present our Staff Predictions for week 4!!

You can find all Games on the Graphic below and the predictions of the most memorable Staff Members within Talent League!

Watch all these games live!

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